rock and roll needle roll

Remember me?

pre roll xxx

I’ve been completed and mailed on time!

This one is a little different to the Hawaiian Honeymoon Souvenir Needle Roll. First of all, look at this amazing stitchery of the turn it right side out hole. It’s so good I might have to redo the hole on mine. Avoid looking at the chalk marks. I’m confident they will rub off eventually.


Thanks to this tutorial over at Quilt Taffy, closing the hole with the ladder stitch is one more type of hand sewing I can no longer hate. It has lovely large pictures and simple instructions, which is just what I needed.

First we have the rock and roll.

rock and roll

I had trouble deciding how to design the quilt top. Swirly? Outline some ladies, or what? I’m pleased with what I came up with: a series of squares based on the red square in the upper left. I won’t be winning any Golden Needle Awards for the stitching.


Open it up to find a little Zen garden in which to relax and create.

zen garden

Ahh. Feeling soothed? I know I am.


There are only three tiers in this one and I made the bottom pockets large to accommodate circulars. The middle tier should work nicely for crochet hooks and DPNs. But Madam M can put whatever she wants in. Her roll, her rules.

roll rules

And a nice little needle roll cuddle. XXX


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