knitting? yes. gauge? no.

I have piles of yarn. It’s stuffed into suitcases, totes, baskets and pieced out for nascent projects. I have a similar pile of patterns, although they are slightly more organised into a binder. None of these items seem to ever go together and that’s why I love the patterns that come along with the yarn. I can’t stand the guesswork of gauge making.

Can’t. Stand. It.

Mine never come out right and it doesn’t matter how many times or how many needles I try, it never seems to be right. But I just had to use wool to make a baby blanket for a dear friend in draughty olde Londontowne.

I purchased Louet Gems from a reputable yarn shop but was rather disappointed with the amount of knotted joins in the skeins. Some had two or three! I will not be using it again. Anyway, since I had random yarn I had to do a gauge and had limited success as usual. Figured what I got was close enough and it did work out in the end.


A nice close up of the extremely complicated pattern.

DSC_1579Here’s Zoltan getting a little rub off the blanket before it’s shipped across the Atlantic. He’s a Carpathian Bear.

cleo and blanketHere’s a shot of Miss C. enjoying the warmth.

Last but not least, here’s the free pattern from Bernat!