q4 finish a long goals

I’ve decided to ram this list full, because what’s the harm!?

1 Flannel QAYG Throw

2 Candy Flowers Pillow

3 Marmalade Squares II Quilt

4 Scrappy Nametag

Happy to report that I have finished my Rainbow Coin Quilt! Here it is hanging in the VMQG Modern Quilt Showcase

5 Sew Together Bag

sewtogbag6 Garden Party Quilt

gardenparty7 Sommer Tunic (can’t find the pattern right now)

sommertunic8 Liberty Dress, although I believe it’s a size 3, which no one in the house is wearing right now…libertydress9 Foxy Tunic. I have such lovely vintage patterns and I am running out of time to make them. This size 2 might end up a squeeze, but I’m doing it anyway. I’ll put it on the monkey doll if I have to. retrodress10 Raspberry Kiss Quilt. These blocks were an amazing extra in #swapmystashcanada. They are the remnants from the Calgary MQG’s block lotto and are the perfect kick start for this quilt. raspberrykissblocks

11 Project 48 Quilt E

12 Project 48 Quilt G

This is an extremely unlikely finish, since I’ve only just cut out block 15(guess how many there are) but I’m throwing it in there. If I finish on time these will be TV throws for my goomies.

p4813 Hexie Project

I might still make this placemat, but my original plan was duff, because I couldn’t decide on a background colour. Suggestions welcome.

That’s all I could find for this round. You’ll be seeing quite a few of these in the 2017 FAL too. Good luck sewing, people!