finish a long q2 list of promises


Will I be more successful this quarter? Maybe.

I will rollover all but one previous projects, the Zen Chic coaster.

1 Rainbow Coin Quilt
2 Flannel QAYG Throw
3 Candy Flower Pillow
4 Marmalade Squares II Quilt
5 Scrappy Name Tag

I will add this mini for a certain stinky little bunny.

6 Beeksie’s Blanket

Beeksie blanket 1

Also, this VMQG Challenge project due in June.

7 VMQG Challenge Placematvmqg challenge

I’m having trouble coming up with enough I Spy like hexies from the fabric given, so there will have to be some from the stash.


Looking forward to your finishes. Good luck to everyone!

worst crocheter ever

DSCN2504Need I say more?

Look at that wonky edge. I know why it happens every time. I’m too lazy to count stitches and too arrogant to see crocheting as a challenge. The result is that I never know which is the turning chain and which is the stitch. I see the wonk and I let it continue. Ripping it out is not an option. So there it is: the wonkiest placemat in existence.